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If you frequent rap shows in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen Verbs and Clive.


Verbs is the stocky, gregarious guy sporting a Zissou-red beanie and a vest checkered with enough flair to earn him a managerial position at Chotchkie’s. If you missed him, chances are you weren’t looking hard enough. He’s the Where’s Waldo? of L.A. rap, ubiquitous and somehow blending in while standing out.

There are thousands of aspiring rap stars in Los Angeles, along with even more rock singers hoping for a break. But few of them are combining rock and rap in as innovative a fashion as Clive Aden, a native of South LA who now lives in Los Feliz and has been transfixing audiences citywide for the past four years with his dynamic stage presence and inventive lyrics.

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The dynamic duo have teamed up to bring you their podcast, Live With Clive, playing all of your favorite hits in alternative hip hop, blue grass, heavy metal, and R&B – mostly R&B.

Plus interviews from dope people and all sorts of artist and such.

Tune in every Monday night at 8 pm on


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